Personalized, Conservative Orthodontics for the Best Smiles!

You want the best for your child: a fully enjoyed life, success in their personal and professional relationships, a healthy body and mind, and — with all those things — a beautiful, confident smile that allows their personality to shine!

At Varble Orthodontics, we understand and share your desires. Nothing makes us happier than helping children, teens, and adults achieve a wonderful, healthy smile, and knowing that each patient will carry that achievement throughout their life.

If you’re considering braces for your child or yourself, Dr. Zachary Varble and our team would like to help!

What’s Different at Varble Orthodontics?

  • We combine advanced orthodontic techniques with personalized care! Each person has unique clinical and personal concerns. When designing a treatment plan, Dr. Varble looks at the whole of the situation and chooses the ideal approach that works with the person’s goals and constraints. This ensures treatment is done at the proper time and in the perfect manner to ensure the most comfortable, efficient, and beautiful results!
  • We are truly family-friendly! Both practice locations share a suite with a pediatric dentistry office, Dentistry for Children. Therefore, most of our patients are children and adolescents. But we also see and care for many adult patients, too; often the parents of our current and former patients! Because we are family-focused, we welcome parents into the treatment area. This allows for a free exchange of information and ensures everyone is up to date on what we’re doing.
  • We have a welcoming, casual environment, where we know everyone by name! Unlike some large orthodontic practices, Varble Orthodontics has chosen to remain small. We have one doctor and a small staff. This allows us to build real connections with our patient family and for Dr. Varble to monitor each person’s treatment closely!

Dr. Varble’s Practice Philosophy: Interceptive or Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Varble focuses on treatment timing: always choosing the perfect time to start orthodontic care, which is unique to each patient.

There are two main types of orthodontic treatment — interceptive and comprehensive — and Dr. Varble carefully evaluates each patient in those terms.

Interceptive, or Phase 1 treatment, is short-term and performed when the patient has not yet developed complete adult dentition. The specific goal of interceptive treatment is to correct an issue or issues that may lead to a problem in the future; and to make comprehensive treatment shorter, more straight-forward, or unnecessary.

Comprehensive, or Phase 2 treatment, is the process that results in ideal aesthetics and occlusal function. When finished, the patient will have no further orthodontic care needs.

Dr. Varble feels that interceptive treatment is appropriate for only a small number of patients, and only if it results in making comprehensive treatment shorter, more straight-forward, or unnecessary.

He also believes comprehensive treatment should begin when the progression of treatment, from start to finish, is the most efficient with the ideal treatment outcome: a stable, health-filled, beautiful smile!

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A radiant smile has the power to transform a person’s life. If you’re considering orthodontic care for your child or yourself, please contact Varble Orthodontics, in Creve Coeur or Saint Charles, MO, to schedule a complimentary consultation!