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Varble Orthodontics On the Go

Where Excellence Meets Flexibility

An At-Home Dental Monitoring System Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Our Dental Monitoring program, VO on the Go, allows you to complete treatment check-ins from the comfort of home through a state-of-the-art app while having real-time access and thorough oversight from the Varble Orthodontics team to ensure treatment is progressing and all patient responsibilities are being met.

Achieve the Results You Want with Fewer Office Visits

How it Works:

  • Set up a free consultation with Dr. Varble

  • Receive your VO on the Go kit and a link to download the app

  • Simply follow the instructions provided by the Varble team and the app to perform your 1-minute weekly scan

  • Check your inbox for any instructions or feedback from Dr. Varble

The Benefits of At-Home Monitoring with VO on the Go

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Fewer In-Office Appointments

The app allows Dr. Varble to monitor your progress virtually, limiting the number of times you’ll need to visit our practice. In-office appointments may still be necessary, but only on an as-needed basis.


Real-Time Results

The ability to monitor progress virtually on a weekly basis can streamline the efficiency of your orthodontic treatment while limiting the need for in-office appointments as progress and results are tracked in real time.


Instant Access
to Dr. Varble &
the Varble Team

In-app messaging allows you to contact Dr. Varble with any questions you may have throughout treatment.


Real-Time Tracking
& Support

Through weekly scans, Dr. Varble can monitor progress closely, and make adjustments as needed as opposed to the normal cadence of several weeks between in-office appointments. Additionally, the VO on the Go app provides reminders and push notifications to help you stay on track.

What Patients Are Saying about VO on the Go

Amber C., Mother of Patient

We love VO on the go! We pass dozens of orthodontic offices on our way to Varble Orthodontics, but we chose Varble Orthodontics to treat our son because of their reputation and modern technology. VO on the go allows my son to scan his mouth weekly and receive reassurance and pat on the back for his progress which gives him the boost to keep up with his oral hygiene and aligners wear as prescribed. It also saves us trips to the office because the scans show them his progress and they often can fabricate his next set of aligners and we just pick them up at a convenient time when they're done.

Dan S., Adult Patient

I live 40 minutes from Varble Orthodontics and I work full-time. VO on the Go has been so convenient because it saves so much time by eliminating some of my in-office visits by monitoring me virtually, weekly.

Ready to Get Started?

  • What’s Included in the VO on the Go kit?
    Each kit includes a scan box, cheek retractor, mesh bag, and access to several video tutorials and resources to help along the way.
  • Is VO on the Go easy to use?
    Yes! Our team will walk you through how to use the app and accessories in person. During your weekly at-home scans, the app will provide audible and visual steps displayed on your screen to guide you through the scanning and uploading process. And of course, our team is available for support and to answer any questions you may have.
  • How will I know when I should complete my at-home scans?
    Dr. Varble will give you a date to provide your first scan, and the app will automatically send push notification reminders your way for each additional scan.
  • How Long Will My Child Need to Wear Aligners or Braces?
    Just as every child is unique, each treatment plan and timeline is unique as well. After your consultation, Dr. Varble can provide a more accurate estimated timeline for treatment. The average treatment time for Interceptive Treatment is between 7 and 9 months.
  • Can My Child Take Their Aligners or Invisalign Off?
    Yes! In fact, we recommend removing them for regular brushing and flossing. However, we do recommend your child wear their aligners for 20 to 22 hours everyday to see the best results.
  • Are there Regular Adjustments with Aligners?
    Yes. Periodic in-office visits are necessary to check aligner tooth movement. Nothing to adjust, just a quick visit to confirm aligner fit or provide additional aligners.
  • My Child Still Has Baby Teeth – Can They Receive Orthodontic Treatment?
    Yes – children with a mix of baby and adult teeth are eligible for orthodontic treatment with both braces and aligners.

Question not here? Contact our team and we'd be happy to assist!

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