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Find Your Ideal Orthodontic Treatment

A Variety of Treatment Options Tailored to Meet a Variety of Lifestyles

We offer orthodontic solutions

to a variety of patients. From special needs children to busy professionals looking for a brighter smile, the Varble Orthodontics team approaches each patient with the individualized care they need to ensure a smooth, stress-free experience.

Hit the Ground Running On Your Treatment

Need Help Deciding the Best Option?

Our team would love to chat through options to help you find the perfect treatment for your preferences and lifestyle.

Treatment for Kids

Age-Appropriate Treatment in a Comfortable, Kid-Friendly Environment

Interceptive treatment, or orthodontic treatment for kids with a mix of baby and adult teeth, allows us to take preventative steps that set your children on a path for healthy teeth and beautiful smiles. For more information on our kid-friendly orthodontic services, click below.


  • Preventative Treatment for Healthier Teeth

  • Reduce Risk of More Significant Orthodontic Treatment as a Teen or Adult

  • Make Room for Adult Teeth to Grow Properly to Avoid Overcrowding & Tooth Extraction

  • Treatment is Short (7 - 9 months)

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VO on the Go

Tech-Driven Treatment for Busy Lifestyles

Perfect for busy families and adults, VO on the Go is our state-of-the-art, virtual dental monitoring program that allows patients to achieve the smile they seek without the need for multiple in-office visits. Virtual check-ins and real-time access and guidance from the Varble team make this the perfect orthodontic treatment for busy lifestyles.


  • Fewer In-Office Appointments

  • Monitor Progress from the Comfort of Home

  • Access to Varble Team through VO on the Go App

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Self-Ligating Braces

Metal and Clear Low-Profile Braces for Teens & Adults

Self-ligating braces offer advantages for traditional braces in that they are smaller in size making them more comfortable and easier to clean.  Self-ligating braces rely on doors instead of elastic ties to hold the wire in place reducing friction, allowing for quicker tooth movement, less office visits, and  shorter treatment times when compared to traditional braces.


  • Faster & Less-Frequent In-Office Appointments

  • Increase Comfort and Ease of Cleaning

  • Shorter Treatment Times

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VO Clear Aligners

Custom 3D-Printed In-House for Faster Results

Through our innovative 3D printing lab, we offer custom clear aligners custom-tailored to each patient. Printing in-house allows for expedited, and sometimes same-day turnaround for aligner fabrication, reducing turnaround time and cost accrued through 3rd party partners and providing patients with cost and time benefits. Aligners provide clear, comfortable orthodontic treatment that offers the flexibility of removal for brushing and flossing. They should be worn ~20 hours daily and changed weekly for best results.


  • 3D-Printed In-House for Less Cost & Faster Turnaround Times

  • Subtle, Flexible Alternative to Traditional Braces

  • Removable for Meals and Easy Brushing & Flossing

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Dr. Varble is a Certified Invisalign Provider

Invisalign is a great alternative to traditional braces, providing similar benefits to our VO Clear Aligners.


  • Subtle, Flexible Alternative to Traditional Braces

  • Removable for Meals and Easy Brushing & Flossin

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Clear Aligners

Find Your Ideal Treatment Plan

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Maintaining Your Smile Post-Treatment

Regardless of your method of treatment, once completed, you will be fitted for a custom retainer designed to help you maintain your perfect smile. Retainers keep the teeth from shifting away from their new position. For the first month after your treatment is complete, we recommend wearing your retainers continuously, only taking them out to eat and brush your teeth. After that first month, you can wear them for (8) hours overnight.

Questions on Retainer Care?

What Our Patients Are Saying

Dr. Varble is wonderful. There are no words. He is sincere and when he recommends a treatment plan, I’m always confident in any thing that he recommends. He tends to be conservative and not charge unnecessary fees and pricing things too highly. He has integrity and his office staff are so kind which is so hard to come by these days. All of his staff went above and beyond for the last three years while treating my kids. After my son got braces he sent a note that he personally signed. I was so shocked. It’s really hard to find an Orthodontist like this! I have two children that have come here so far and his work is wonderful. Thank you so much, Dr. Varble and staff! You all are wonderful.

Tierra Hunter

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