Orthodontics as a profession provides me so much happiness and joy, it is beyond measure.

It is a fact that my job is to work with amazing kids, every day. I get to hear about their lives, their triumphs and challenges, sporting events, homecoming, dance moves, art projects, and a million other things, all while watching them grow and mature.

At the same time, I get to meet each child’s parents, talking with them about their lives and sharing notes on raising kids.

I also get to work with an amazing team, which comes to work each and every day ready to have fun and provide excellent care.

I am truly humbled to do what I do. The fact that children and parents allow me to be a small part of their lives, and invite me to help them lead healthier and happier lives, is a gift that I honestly cherish.

— Dr. Zachary Varble

A Passion for Beautiful, Healthy Smiles

Dr. Varble has built his career around his passion: he treats each patient with the greatest compassion and respect, and is always concerned about what the person needs from treatment and what will deliver the strongest results.

Dr. Varble’s father was an orthodontist. He grew up in the office, doing odd jobs from mowing the lawn to making retainers. Every day he saw how happy the profession made his father, and the meaningful relationships that developed with patients and parents, and decided to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Since completing his orthodontic specialty training, Dr. Varble has not doubted his decision to pursue this career. He appreciates that orthodontic treatment occurs over an extended period of time and the frequency of visits allows him time to get to know each patient on a personal level.

He especially enjoys treating children and adolescents, seeing how each changes during treatment, and watching them gain confidence. He also enjoys working with adults who have long desired a more becoming smile, providing them with cosmetic options that ensure discretion during treatment, and delivering incredible results.


  • Bachelor of Arts – University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana
  • Doctorate of Dental Medicine – Southern Illinois University
  • Master of Science in dentistry and certificate in orthodontics – Saint Louis University

Like all healthcare fields, orthodontics is a constantly evolving specialty. New materials, technologies, and techniques are continually researched, developed, tested, and made available to practitioners.

Dr. Varble stays current on the latest orthodontic options, and carefully evaluates each before incorporating it into his practice. He regularly completes continuing education courses — attending meetings, lectures, and seminars — and avidly reads relevant journals, as well.

Professional Memberships

  • American Association of Orthodontists
  • American Dental Association
  • Midwestern Society of Orthodontists
  • Greater St. Louis Dental Society
  • Orthodontic Education and Research Foundation

Beyond the Practice

Originally from Jerseyville, Illinois, Dr. Varble, his wife Dr. Amy Varble, and their two children, Calvin and Frances, reside in St. Louis City with their two dogs, Annie and Hazel. Dr. Amy Varble is a pediatric dentist with Dentistry for Children.

When he’s not in the office, Dr. Varble is most often found with his family and friends. He loves being with his children and watching them grow, and sharing in their excitement as they explore the world. The family loves to travel and experience different places. They like to explore areas of natural beauty and discover different regional food cultures.

At home, Dr. Varble loves to cook. Many evenings are spent in the kitchen with his family, and their weekend plans usually revolve around what they’re making for meals. He also loves to run and is happy to live close to the trails in Forest Park.

In whatever downtime he can find, Dr. Varble is an avid reader of fiction and nonfiction. He’s always asking patients and parents about what they’re reading and loves recommendations!