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Advanced Smile Technology™

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Why choose Empower?

Self-ligating braces are a smart choice. Self ligation is one of the orthodontic industry’s leading trends, and an option that can provide benefits for you and Dr. Varble. Empower can help make wearing braces a more positive experience.

It’s the most complete self-ligating bracket system in the world, with bracket-style options and treatment choices to support each orthodontist’s unique philosophy. Empower’s self ligating technology uses integrated clips to hold arch wires in place instead of traditional rubber bands (ligatures) that can stain and wear out over time.

These clips allow Dr. Varble to make quicker, easier wire adjustments. And that can mean less time in the chair.

Advanced Smile Technology at Work

Empower is built to the highest standard. Each bracket is manufactured with leading-edge Metal Injection Molding technology and durable, high-performance clips. Empower is designed with the patient’s comfort and orthodontist’s treatment goals in mind.

  • Quicker, easier wire adjustments – State-of-the-art, self-ligating clips hold the archwire in place instead of rubber bands (ligatures), which allows for quicker and potentially more comfortable wire adjustments.
  • Strong and hygienic – Empower uses strong, heat-treated chromium cobalt clips instead of traditional ligatures that are prone to discoloration, lose their effectiveness over time, and require frequent replacements. Eliminating ligatures also eliminates one of the leading food traps.
  • Effective, efficient treatment – The versatility of Empower’s design gives Dr. Varble more control over treatment than ever before. Treatment is based on patient needs, not a one-size-fits-all approach.


The promise of a better smile

Dr. Varble is committed to providing brilliant, healthy smiles. Empower provides the right tools to make it happen. Empower’s leading-edge design and functionality combine with our clinical expertise for a smile that will last a lifetime.

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